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 Global announcement: Revising Our Stance on Scamming

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PostSubject: Global announcement: Revising Our Stance on Scamming   Wed Sep 11, 2013 2:34 pm

Dear All Forum Users,

This a very important announcement in regards to moderators and the forum stance on scamming. There is going to be a separate thread in which you can discuss this announcement and air any general concerns that you may have.

We have discussed this with all of our active moderators and are all united on our decision to end any activity in regards to scamming.

What this means is that the act of scamming will no longer be enforced, monitored or followed up. The scammer list on the Trade Forum will (as you may have already noticed) no longer being updated

The reasons for these are twofold:-

1) We cannot enforce scamming. Little can really be done after the scam has actually happened and believe that prevention is much better than the cure.

Previously there has been people posting screenshots of scamming and conversations etc that has become a witch hunt for scammers. The only thing that can really happen is to name and shame them in the hope that they return whatever they took. Unfortunately this doesn't always work and we as moderators, with our limited time and resource, can no longer effectively follow these up.

Whenever there is a trade function, there will always be a risk of scamming. What we urge you to do, is to take precautions if you do engage in albuming/lending etc.

2) Until there is a way of albuming (the most common way of getting scammed) safely, we advise that you use the trade function for this purpose at your own peril. All we advise again is to take precautions and in most cases, say no to albuming.

We understand that scamming is terrible and understand how hard it can be for players.

I hope you understand why we have come to this decision and respect our outcome on the matter. If you have any thought on this, please post in the game discussion thread.


Chaos on behalf of the Forum Moderators


Lilith Owner Smile

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Global announcement: Revising Our Stance on Scamming
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