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 BT Point Calculation

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PostSubject: BT Point Calculation   Mon Mar 04, 2013 4:40 pm

Hey All,

After reading a post from kenthezebra in the Current Events [Public] thread about BT calculations, it got me thinking about working to try and find the BT points per monster. A big reason I'm interesting in finding this information is because I'm also trying to work and gather as much information about quests for my Quest Information thread. Also, both things will provide help to the community as a whole and I'm always down to sacrifice a little time in order to help someone.

That being said, I need some help in gathering data and trying to hypothesis what the formula is for each quest, or monster. At first, things made sense with how points seemed to be structured, but as I obtained different samples, things that made less sense after all.

Going by kenthezebra's post found here I notated what he had gotten for results. Then I began testing in obvious areas and not so obvious.

kenthezebra wrote:
24-3 has 42 (2 star mummies) ~ 462 BT == 11 points (per 2 star or mummy)

if we assume its per star power and not per monster type:

35-6 has 57 (2 star crabs @ 11 points each) + 3 (4 star krakens)= 930 Bt

therfore (krakens/4stars) ~ 101 BT

Using the above methodology we can start to form a simple chart:

1 * =
2 * = 11 BT
3 * =
4 * = 101 BT
5 * =
6 * =

Next, I did quest 5-1 which had 23 Giant Bats (1* monster) to confirm that each 1* was worth 10 BT. As my BT count rose by 230 points exactly, I felt comfortable adding that to the chart.

1 * = 10 BT
2 * = 11 BT
3 * =
4 * = 101 BT
5 * =
6 * =

Another way we can confirm the 1 & 2 * values is by using these values for a tried and true popular quest for BT points, 25-3, which we all know gives 907 BT.

Uriel wrote:
(1*) Rabid Wolves (39), (2*) Orthros (39), (2*) Poisonous Flowers (8)

Which calculates too...

Rabid Wolves (390 BT), Orthros (429 BT), Poisonous Flowers (88 BT) = 907 BT

Kenthezebra made mention of a 3* value of 12.769 BT, but I was uncertain of which quest would be the easiest to figure this out on. So instead, I wanted to see the point different between a 4* and 6* monster.

It would make sense that a 6* would yield the highest point value if we assume that each monsters * value is what BT is based on. I figured the easiest test would be doing quest 24-7, as the monsters will go by and then the 6* Dullahan monster would be last. I could slaughter Dullahan and find it's base value.

Starting BT: 257141 BT
Engage 24-7 and only kill Dullahan (max allies)
Ending BT: 257176 BT (+35 BT)

Wait...wtf?! Yes, this is my initial thought process on the subject. How could it be that a 6* would give such few points? Then I got to thinking, "Hmm...what if I just do the whole quest?" and the answer comes out to be you gain a total of 307 BT for completing 24-7. The break down of units/points:

Uriel wrote:
(2*) Ravenous Bear (3), (3*) Incubus (3), (2*) Cockatrice (4), (2*) Mummy (7), (1*) Ghoul (6), (6*) Dullahan

Which calculates too...

Ravenous Bear (33 BT), Cockatrice (44 BT), Mummy (77 BT), Ghoul (60 BT) = 214 BT

Incubus (3*?) + Dullahan (1*?) = 93 BT

The above is factoring only known values that have been tested through multiple quests with accuracy. So now if we plug in 35 BT for Dullahan which leaves us 58 points for 3 Incubus monsters.

Uriel wrote:
Incubus (58/3) + Dullahan (35 BT) = 93 BT

Incubus = 19.333 BT each if this is the case, which I think is inaccurate

Now taking this into consideration, how can the Krakens in 35-6 yield so many more points? This is where I am stumped and need to do more calculations, but this means I need a larger data sample, because what I have currently is inadequate.

This is where you come in!

Any and all help on gathering more data would be greatly appreciated!!! If not, I'll just make this my solo goal until the event is over. I know we have some bright people here though that wouldn't mind lending a hand. What I will need from you if you choose to help:

Current BT rating before a quest
Quest #
Current BT rating after a quest
Monster Count & Names

Let's work together in figuring this out and put an end to the guessing game of how BT is calculated. :D
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PostSubject: Re: BT Point Calculation   Mon Mar 04, 2013 7:55 pm

I like these calculations and stuff, but this may be an embarrassing question:

Will this BT chart apply to all events that require "Quests for BT Points"?

I am new to Fantasica Events, sorta.. This is my 4th-ish event I'm participating.
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PostSubject: Re: BT Point Calculation   Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:09 am

Short answer: Yes Smile

I'm sure a lot of people will find that digging this deep is pointless, but understanding game mechanics is understanding the foundation of a structure.
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PostSubject: Re: BT Point Calculation   Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:15 pm

im sorry but Im totally lost... so if I take part in a quest with 5 allys im going to get 0BT points?
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PostSubject: Re: BT Point Calculation   Thu Jun 06, 2013 2:05 am

This should be moved to the Research Lab.

By the way, the Quest page on the Unofficial Fantasica Wiki might be helpful for your research. It doesn't mention the exact monsters in each quests, but you do find the total BT you get for most quests.
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PostSubject: Re: BT Point Calculation   

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BT Point Calculation
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