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PostSubject: Hello.   Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:15 pm

I am new to the forums and have only been playing Fantasica for about a month maybe. My wife and I are both into it, and I have come to learn about trading and building a decent collection. Mostly trading. If you have any general forum links for me to read about "tiers" or card values, feel free to post them or pm me. I am obsessed with merching and have found myself liking/wanting cards more for their artwork (favorite currently is Montague). But I do plan on trying to merch/feed/GET more rare cards. Especially a level 1 Vlad for my wife. Anyway. If you have any general information for feeding/merching, let me have it! I have mainly been feeding 3 1* to a 2* then 3 2* and 2 1* to a 3* (ending in a lv 11 3*). This seems to make the most sense from the forums I have read. I haven't gotten much into merching, but I will be making a thread on trading after I have a decent price database and an idea on how to flip a profit/buy cards to level for a profit. Hope to see you all around! Looking for allies as well, many of mine have become inactive. I am on periodically almost throughout the entire day! Thanks for reading this.
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PostSubject: Re: Hello.   Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:21 am


I'd love to do a price database/card value thread, but since they're constantly changing (and recently dropping), it's best to visit the Trading Center often and the Price check thread here: Price Check/Trade Advice Thread

Best advice I can give you is: Max 4*s and sell them for 8-10 TE.
Or try to get fresh rare 4* units and Max them to sell them between 12-25 TE (depending on rarity, of course)

And good luck with that Vlad, I know you'll get him someday Wink

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