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 Severnik's Trade and Sale

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PostSubject: Severnik's Trade and Sale   Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:50 pm

Ok, so I'm still a little new to the game, especially when it comes to trading, but thought I'd post what I've got up here. Some may not be for trade, except for exceptional offers, and though I'll have guideline prices, feel free to message me with any other offers in game or on the forum. Ok, so here it is.

Also, alongside all below, I'm currently trading the new event 4* for 2te or 2pots.
I currently have Lady Sun, Dun and Wei available, so just send me a message ^_^

Zhou Yu - Not for trade until after the event/for another event 5*
Marguerite lvl 65. Would trade for TE / other 5*
Antiope(M) lvl 28. Would consider trading

Banshee(M) lvl 1
Chimera(M) lvl 1
Ghost(M) lvl 1
Henry(M) lvl 24
Hera(M) lvl 22
Mermaid(M) lvl 1
Pegasus(M) lvl 1
Stray Cat(M) lvl 1
Unicorn(M) lvl 1
Witch(M) lvl 1

Adalina lvl 1
*Agnes MAX
Alex lvl 20
Alfonso lvl 11 / lvl 1
Angela lvl 24 / lvl 1
Anton lvl 26
Ayaha lvl 40
Cats lvl 1
Caym lvl 40
Django lvl 1
Fawn lvl 42
Felicia lvl 27
Frank MAX
Furfur lvl 30
Gunnel lvl 1
Guy lvl 65
Keith MAX
Maia lvl 20 / lvl 1
*Mary lvl 48
Melanippe lvl 33
Miriam lvl 33 / lvl 1
Montague lvl 18
Mylene lvl 1
Oneiro lvl 14
Otere lvl 4
Rema lvl 19
Remika MAX
Robert lvl 1
Romanovich lvl 1
Santa Karl lvl 1
Scarlet lvl 1
Traum lvl 62
Violet lvl 11
Yuriya MAX / lvl 1

I'm generally happy to trade most of the cards available, if the offer is good. Am looking to bolster the number of 5*'s I have and to get some TE whilst clearing out. The lvl 1 4* I'd be happy to trade for 1TE/2Pots, so long as they aren't event units, which I'm happy to receive offers for. Those highlighted with a * will need a rather good offer to pry them from my grasp!
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PostSubject: Re: Severnik's Trade and Sale   Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:12 am

I want Montigue! I have 4 time elixers! DjBJdmmdb
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Severnik's Trade and Sale
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