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 [EVENT] Soul Hunters [6th Dec 2012 - 14th Dec 2012]

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PostSubject: [EVENT] Soul Hunters [6th Dec 2012 - 14th Dec 2012]   Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:03 am



***** EVENT TEXT *****

50 shards = Soul Spike x1
300 shards = Summoner Charm x1
600 shards = 600 Brave Points
1000 shards = Premium Ticket x1
2000 shards = Howard The Spirit Warrior
3000 shards = Potion x1
4500 shards = Soul Stone (L) x1
6000 shards = Soul Spike x2
8000 shards = Summoner Charm x2
10000 shards = Mary the Phantom
15000 shards = Soul Spike x3
20000 shards = Henry the Phantom
30000 shards = Summoner Charm x3
40000 shards = Soul Stones (L) x2
50000 shards = Boelyn
70000 shards = 4* Plus Premium Ticket <-- new type of premium ticket with supposedly guaranteed 4* and above
90000 shards = Soul Stone (??)
110000 shards = Soul Stone x3

***** EVENT UNIT: TOM (3*)*****

Note: Image from JP wiki
Type: Magic
Range: 150
Speed: D
Cost: 15
Stats [Ground (Max)/ Air (Max)/ Sea (Max)]: 280 (7585)/ 320 (11454)/ 400 (15943)
Total stats: 1000 (34982)
Ability: -

***** EVENT UNIT: PATRICIA (5*) *****

Note: Image from JP wiki
Type: Missile
Range: 175
Speed: C
Cost: 20
Stats [Ground (Max)/ Air (Max)/ Sea (Max)]: 2000 (22000)/ 2350 (26175)/ 2200 (23600)
Total stats: 6550 (71775)
Ability: Slow 5

***** EVENT UNIT: PARIS (6*) *****

Note: Image from JP wiki
Type: Melee
Range: 130
Speed: B
Cost: 30
Stats [Ground (Max)/ Air (Max)/ Sea (Max)]: 3700 (72795)/ 3500 (66225)/ 3400 (59690)
Total stats: 10600 (198710)
Ability: Knockback 6

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PostSubject: Re: [EVENT] Soul Hunters [6th Dec 2012 - 14th Dec 2012]   Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:03 am

***** PHANTOMS *****

Ethelred - 6*
Type: Sea
Melee Def: C
Missile Def: D
Magic Def: C
Move: D

Elizabeth - 5*
Type: Ground
Melee Def: C
Missile Def: C
Magic Def: D
Move: D

Anne - 4*
Type: Ground
Melee Def: D
Missile Def: C
Magic Def: C
Move: D

Henry - 4*
Type: Air
Melee Def: C
Missile Def: C
Magic Def: D
Move: D

Mary - 4*
Type: Air
Melee Def: C
Missile Def: D
Magic Def: C
Move: D

rotarywhiz wrote:
I noticed that no one made a cheat cheat for the bosses in this event so I'll post one I made.

AnneGroundDMelee(D) Missile/Magic(C)
HenryAirDMagic (D) Missile/Melee(C)
MaryAirDMissile(D) Magic/Melee(C)
ElizabethGroundDMagic(D) Missile/Melee(C)
EthelredSeaDMissile(D) Melee/Magic(C)

Just to explain a little for those that don't know how to use the chart. The skill in Green signifies the type of character you want to use against a certain boss and the highest skill to use against them. Example for Henry you would use a Magic character with high stats in Air attack.

***** EVENT UPDATES *****
6th Dec 2012 (1159PM):
EvilLinkz wrote:
If you're getting PHP error on iOS, you most likely need to go to the App Store and update because there's an update to the app.
6th Dec 2012 (1145PM): Seems to be some issue with the ALLY and TRADE page. Avoid going to those pages... Very Happy

Visit the strange ONE item stall

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PostSubject: Sharing by other players...   Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:03 am

chaosbladeuk wrote:
What worries me about this event is that it has Aragon in it. The Soul Hunter aka Phantom event was split into two but now if they have Aragon then it will just be the one event.
* Click here for JP wiki: Beauty and hunting of the soul (aka Soul Hunter Part 1 for JP event).
* Click here for JP wiki: Hunting of true beauty and soul (aka Soul Hunter Part 2 for JP event).

***** ABOUT THE EVENT *****
chaosbladeuk wrote:
Right for those who did not do the Halloween event, you basically go to a separate screen and do training there. In training you can encounter a boss and choose to fight it. It starts at level 1 and each time you defeat it increase its level and next time it will have more health.

In a boss battle, you can deploy 1 of your unit and 3 of your allies. However you can deploy your allies if they have sent you an "assist".

An assist cost 10 training points. If you defeat the boss you are rewarded with experience and a special type of item that can be accumulated to unlock prizes. In Halloween these were Magic Lanterns and different bosses give different amounts.

Once you have accumulated a certain amount you can go to the "Latern Reward" tab and click collect prize. Your lanterns don't disappear and will continue to rise. You can also sometimes collect Lanterns in treasure chests.

Rarer bosses gave more lanterns but with this they were much harder to encounter.

Bosses gave between 30-70 lanterns per defeat and some of the rarer gave between 150-300 lanterns.

It is impossible to reach 100k lanterns without spending money or have LOTS of potions. Bosses get incredible hard and you need to spend training points to re-fight them.

aszutai wrote:
One thing I would like to add to Chao's detailed information, when the bosses start to get difficult, it's helpful to let them runaway a few times since they drop a few levels each time you let them run away. In my experience it's around 2-4 levels each time, back during the halloween event, a lv 90+ ghost just wasn't worth the effort for a maxed out 4* (Oneiro) Neutral

Ghost_Star wrote:
I wanted to add to the info on how ally's worked during the last event.

You can only use an ally in a boss fight if they have responded to a help request. They cant respond to your help request a second time until you have used them in a boss fight.

An ally responding to a help request does a minimal amount of damage to only the boss that you requested help for if they respond before you re-try that boss. If they respond with a soul spike they will do a considerable amount of direct damage upon the encounter starting and that damage will be applied to the next boss you fight regardless of when the they assisted.

You can only request ally help if you have a boss that you have failed to beat.

Using a pot will allow you to skip the one hour help request cool down.

You will have 30 min to defeat a boss. For your first attempt there is no additional tp cost, each retry will cost 50 tp and the bosses health does not reset.

You can request on one boss, then use the allies who responded on another boss at any time, i do not think they have to have been online within the last hour to be used. In my opinion it is best to request help as often as the cool down is up and save your allies for only when needed so when you get a tough boss you can use your allies.

In order for the bosses level to go down you have to start that fight, lose and let the timer expire. During the training if you encounter a boss and do not engage it, it level will not go down.

And just to second some of the advice earlier and based on my Halloween experience, I will be keeping my 4* bosses to where i can 1 shot them with no help, 5* bosses where i can 2 shot them will a full team and 6* bosses as high as they can. You keep your boss level low by letting them flee if they get too hard. I dont think it is worth the tp to 2 shot a 4* boss as the reward vs the tp cost is worth it.

I think going from memory the chances of getting a 4*/5*/6* boss with a 4* db were in 20 boss encounters were 17/2/1 so for every 20 bosses, 17 were 4*, 2 were 5* and 1 was 6*, but rng is rng. The 5* and 6* boss encounters were doubled with a 5* as leader so i think you would likely get a 6* boss every 10 to 15 (in holloween my ww was at 75 and vamp at 30 by the end) so... this means with 3* leaders the 6* boss encounter rate will be HORRID

tsunonlau wrote:
Some statistic/ info to back up some important concept. Potion is helpful but not important due to some realistic issue.

-In Halloween training You have to deploy a series pack unit as your leader to increase the chance to encounter stronger boss which ultimately give a lot more lanterns which in turns weaken your help to ally and ultimately yourself

-This imply, most serious player would have their leader changed to series pack unit,

-Your boss killing speed is totally depends upon your "Ally responding speed" All my ally are extremely helpful player, they didn't put on Dream Breaker as leader and often make fast respond so I can have more strong unit to call on.

-Since you need to sacrifice training point (which is a lot in long run) to help ally, some ally is reasonable to ignore or respond slowly to your insist because they are also participating.

-Boss gets really hard because they all have strong health an extremely strong resistance for each type, when you are not lucky, amount your ally you might not have that kind of combat type.

-On the contrary, spending real money is much reliable, you can ignore all the random factors from above.

each box gives you 5 "items" and you can only use them when ally ask for help, which gives you 2500 lanterns a box, so, basically, if you spent 1200USD, you are guarantee a 6* (But all player will call on you for many times, so, if you decide to play in a real money term, GET BOXES Early so you don't ran out of help in the end and stock up a wasteful amount of "items" which you can't use in the end

-for those who think they can work hard to earn, it is impossible, playing 18hours a day only gives you 25000 in a week, coz we earn an extra 2days due to a glitch, i managed to climb to 30000 and spend real money to get a Halloween Helmut. which cost me around $200, for the rest of the PTS. you HAVE TO USE REAL MONEY/ POTION (IF you allies are super strong)

sharpyzu wrote:
It was for 100k lanterns for Halloween Monica.

I tried with 5* rem and 4* traum, not noticing a very big difference in boss encounters.

From what I can remember, it seems I averaged around 70-90 lanterns per 300 training points.

24*6*2=288 rounds of training.

If you could get 100 lanterns per round, you need 1000 rounds, so that's 712 potions.

Now, some people claimed to have been able to get 150-200 lanterns per round at times.

However, we have to realize that for the beginning of the event, you won't be able to get that much, because the bosses will be too low level. In fact you'll probably be getting less than 70.

Also, towards the end (like 70,000 lanterns+), you'll also not get such a high return anymore because the bosses are too high level, and you won't be able to kill them fast enough.

So really, even for people with a really good team of 6*s, I doubt they can average more than 120 lanterns per round. For normal people who are looking for their first 6*, I think 100/round is quite optimistic.

If you guys go back to the halloween thread, you can see that players like valhades (who probably has every 6* there is) saying that after a certain point it costs too much to kill some of the bosses.

You can save a few pots from the free candies.

But you also can't help your allies because that's only 1 lantern per 10 tp (or 30 lanterns per 300)

Whenesday wrote:
Soul Spikes gives 1600 BT Points and 500 Shards each

***** SPECULATIONS *****
predator852 wrote:
Ever since Black Dragon Castle took place we have been 1 series pack ahead of japan. Soooooooooooooooo even though we were supposed to get the FM/Justice pack, we will get the one released after it.
the one released after FM would be... Romance of the Three Kingdom (ROTTK) series...

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PostSubject: Re: [EVENT] Soul Hunters [6th Dec 2012 - 14th Dec 2012]   Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:13 am

Im really regretting getting 2 mega boxes...
I didnt even get the 3* in my pulls...never using money on new cards mixed in with regular ones again =x
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PostSubject: Re: [EVENT] Soul Hunters [6th Dec 2012 - 14th Dec 2012]   Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:16 am

No 4* units? That's low, Fanta, real low.
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PostSubject: Re: [EVENT] Soul Hunters [6th Dec 2012 - 14th Dec 2012]   Fri Dec 07, 2012 2:43 am

Lol, down for maintenance again...

Well, I only manage to get around 30k during halloween event without paying. To get the 50k and 100k rewards, you'll have to burn quite a bit of potion and/or buy some boxes Neutral
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PostSubject: Re: [EVENT] Soul Hunters [6th Dec 2012 - 14th Dec 2012]   Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:59 am

Aldeve wrote:
1st place just said no Aragon at 110k reward :<

If true, there's gonna be some seriously pissed off people, such a misleading poster...

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[EVENT] Soul Hunters [6th Dec 2012 - 14th Dec 2012]
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