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 RIPOSTE description added to Help> Unit Skills

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PostSubject: RIPOSTE description added to Help> Unit Skills   Mon Apr 07, 2014 4:31 pm

RIPOSTE: This unit has a set chance to inflict damage to any melee attacker that attacks it.
*Applies to normal, melee attacks, double attacks, triple attacks, quadra attacks, and penta attacks. Each separate attack has a chance to proc this ability.

So after using Riposte in this GB, the damage happens simultaneously between the melee attacker and the unit with Riposte.

Multi-attacks have a chance to trigger Riposte on each hit - so it's theoretically possible to hit back for each hit of a Double/Triple/Quad/Penta melee attack (Payne can kill Charles with two Riposte strikes depending on deployment, btw.)

This also arguably means that the 15DC 7* with Riposte, LUDA is not only bonkers, but the fact that she's a mage is almost irrelevant as long as the attacking force is melee.
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RIPOSTE description added to Help> Unit Skills
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